who we are

A film is always the effort of an entire community and SNIOP has been particularly privileged in having the most amazing community support it.  This page gives a glimpse into the creative, financial and general support community surrounding this project.  We are extremely grateful to every single person, at every single level, that supports this amazing film.

My name is Brian and I am the creator of sniop. It is a project that has been mulling around in my brain for a long time and finally come to fruition.

I established my production company (Guildhall Pictures) back in 2006 and have, since then, dedicated myself to truly independent and unique story telling. I have been fortunate enough to have worked at some of the largest television and film companies around and have made several indie films over the years.

To see more about this project and why I am doing it, click here..

Sinead has been the most supportive and influential person in my life. We met at university and have been life partners and creative partners ever since. Sinead is an extremely talented writer that has penned two feature films for Guildhall Pictures and has her own blog on independent living in an ever more homogenised world called TryTheOtherGuy

Sinead has helped finance, organise and market the project. She helped create the questions that are central to the project and is forever a leading force behind getting the film up onto the screen.

I am eternally grateful 

Charlie Brades first helped us on our short film Numbers Up. Charlie's enthusiasm and professionalism were a great influence on everyone involved and Charlie has gone on to work as a television producer and runs her own podcast on women's issues called DAS

Charlie was also involved in the project from the outset and it is her father John who gave us our very first interview. Charlie has always been a great influence on the project and it would not be the same without her. Thank you.

Meet Gemma and Wayne Kirkland. These wonderful people have been some of the most supportive friends we have had throughout our creative journey. Most recently, they agreed to become our Online Producers and without them you would not be looking at this page today. 

We can not thank you both enough and want you to know that this project only exists through the support of people like yourselves. People who believe in the ambition of their friends and the possibility of artistic endeavour. You are both bright, shining stars.

I first became friends with Maj when we worked together, helping to set up the Streatham Free Film Festival. We had similar tastes in film and a very similar sense of humour. We went on to work on a music video shoot, a web series, a short film and are now working on Maj's short film, The Pitch.

From a background of Slovenian Television, Maj is an extremely talented editor and cameraman and has been involved with the project from the start. I am extremely grateful to him for his motivation and dedication to the project. Without him, we would never have got the project off the ground. 


We are eternally grateful to this wonderful group of people, without who we would never have got started.