what is sniop?

SNIOP is a feature length documentary, book and a related multi-media project that asks the older generation 3 simple questions about life. The answers give an insight in to the world of those that have had a lifetime of experience, yet are often overlooked. Sharing a plethora of fabulous opinions, knowledge and views, SNIOP will entertain, enlighten and capture moments that may otherwise be forgotten.

The three questions are: 1. What is your greatest achievement to date? 2. In life, what would you say has been your greatest regret? and 3. If you could give only one piece of advice to the people watching this, what would it be?

Listen to our Director Brian M Franklin's interview with Nikki Kidner on The Wireless Radio. He explains exactly what the project is all about and how you can get involved. Just click here or on the above picture 

This is John Brades inspirational video that led us to calling our feature documentary project SNIOP.