sniop’s new look

As part of our never ending research for our project we have been addicted to documentaries on all manner of subjects. Some of these movies have bored us (I will not name names here as I think that is a little unfair) and some have inspired ('I am not your Guru' & 'Food Choices' particularly stood out) but all have been massively educational. We have been driven to constantly review our footage and final project. To build a stronger story through the entirety of the project. To be more balanced and coherent and more importantly, positive. To make a difference. To be all the great aspects of the brilliant documentaries and learn from the lessons of the awful ones (my opinion on any movie is merely my own and I do not endorse any documentary)

Also, as part of our new ideas and new, clear vision, we are launching a website to match. It will follow the journey of telling this story from the very beginning. It will focus on its effect on both the people in the movie and those making it. A journal of where we are all going. is the new home for our project and is a fitting place for the creation of something amazing

*Special thanks goes to Gemma and Wayne Kirkland, our Online Producers, for making this possible

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