One of the hardest things to cope with in the modern world is distractions. I am all too aware (being from the generation that crosses the no mans land of technological advance) that everything has become a distraction. Everything is a 'lead'. A chance to sell you something. An apparent effort to distract you from doing anything meaningful and I can certainly hold up my hands and say that I am as guilty as the next man for being distracted all too easily.

The last 7 months have been particularly hard. SNIOP has had some major challenges, not least of all funding and maintaining the balance and ethic of the overall project. We have had the world dangled in front of us on numerous projects in the past. We have been distracted before and maybe this is the only reason that we are staunch in our approach to this film and project.

You see, when you have a passion for an idea, you can still be easily distracted. You can still find obstacles littering your path. You can even hit the occasional dead end (read geeks article) but you always get a tug at the heart string that keeps you going. The fact is that your heart won't let your head over take it (and Boy will it fight). It will keep going no matter what.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that everyone who has shown faith in this project. Everyone who has taken part in this project and every penny that we have collectively put into the project has kept our faith and desire to keep moving forward.

We wanted to thank you all and to promise that no matter what, we will stay true to what this project was always meant to be and will see it through to being a film that we are all extremely proud of.

Thank you

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