bursting the london bubble

So, it would appear that not all documentary making is with a camera in your hand. In fact, very little is with a camera in your hand, but that seems to be the way with film in general.

Over the last couple of months we have revised our plan and tweaked our actions and we now have a clear outline of how to spend the next 12months.

The fact is that I never wanted this project to be London-centric, and that is the way it was becoming. This film needs to be a reflection of the over 60's throughout England. It needs to be reflective of all regions, races, creeds and communities within the UK. True, you will get most of those in London but I have experience of this wonderful town and the one thing I know for sure is that we all live in a bubble of sorts. As a Londoner, you only have to invite someone in to the city or take a trip out of it to truly experience how much of a bubble it is. It is all encompassing and it effects everything we do and think. So, I know that I have to get outside its borders if I am to make a balanced movie. I have to.

The plan is a simple one. To move around the country. To visit places all over the country, north to south, east to west. To mix up cities with Towns and hopefully villages. To get under the skin of the over 60s from all communities.

So, here is the map. Here is the outline. Here is the plotted points across the UK. We are extremely excited.

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